My Adsense Diary. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

 My Adsense Diary: I am sharing my AdSense experience. I started my Adsense in 2009. It took 1 year to reach 100USD. Adsense is an unsteady income. Adsense is also risky for people who do it without a business infrastructure. 

I had my Adsense workouts while working in companies. Adsense must be part-time for new bloggers. I have a couple of AdSense accounts. Once I had 60 domains for Adsense purposes. Webmaster and Analytics are the basic tools for Adsense and promo works. Thank you from search analyst Sasikumar.

Adsense fill our wallets in one month and may not have mercy on our empty wallet in the next month. Thus it is an unsteady income for many casual bloggers. But, if you blog professionally with good planning, research, and infrastructure, the income might be good and steady. 

All the best from Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

Lead Generation Steps using @LinkedIn Sales tool. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator core. 

When you create your profile in your LinkedIn feed the relevant data. Give attention to the people who viewed your LinkedIn profile. Follow 10-20 relevant hashtags and this can be helpful in getting posts on your LinkedIn home page.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator core allows 50 InMail credits.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator core allows unlimited people to browse. Carefully browse for prospects. Here, we can save the leads. Up to 10k leads can be saved. For Lead generation, many people use LinkedIn Sales Navigator core. 

LinkedIn works on the basis of artificial intelligence and Machine learning. So feed the relevant data,  take needful and relevant activity. Browse more profiles and have positive and solution-oriented approaches to people. 

​ @YouTube Mention and Tagging. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

Mentions and Tagging are important aspects of social media. Just imagine, something interesting incidence has happened in your locality. You may want to convey it to a news channel. Now you can mention the News Channel in your social media post coving the incidence in the social post.

If we upload a post on social media, we can tag the people in those photos with his/her name or profile names. Mentions and Tagging help social media channels to better connect with people.

You can tag your friend to congrats or convey anything to him/her. Your friend may get a notification about your tagging with him/her. Mentions and Tagging should be used in order to keep useful communication. Keep your tag settings properly. Thank you.

Social Media Stories. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

 Stories are the next big thing in social media. Stories work the same way as how we use WhatsApp statuses. WhatsApp status updates are not public and it is visible to close connections or friends but stories may be visible to the public and you can also control it and show the stories to the friend circle. Stories mostly will disappear in a day or in a week. One may not need perfection while making stories as it covers the real-time lively moments of our life with our family members, friends, and society.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are now flooded with stories. LinkedIn is not showing much interest in stories and for YouTube stories, one must have more than 10000 subscribers.

I guess the emergence of stories in social media platforms is inspired by the success of WhatsApp status that millions of people are using it actively and it is part of our daily life

Social Media Talks. Mentions, Tagging and Stories. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

 In this video, we are talking about social media mentions, tagging, and hashtags. Social media has evolved a lot original version. Initially, we posted textual content and then video content, and then shorts, stories, etc.

By using the features such as tagging, mentioning, and hashtagging We can better optimize social media activities.

We have already discussed tagging and while we upload group photos we can tag every individual by the air names or usernames. We can tag someone and send birthday wishes to the person we tag.

Hashtag helps to helps to learn information about a particular topic or keyword with a clickable action. Mentioning helps to listen to our audience. stories are nothing but a sequence of information or slide just like how we Do what's up status posting. Thank you.

Strong verbal and written communication skills. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks

 Strong verbal and written communication skills. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks

#englishspeaking #communication #searchanalystsasikumartalks 

Hi everyone when I tried to apply for a job I come across a lot of recruiters' applications that states that they strongly require strong verbal and written communication skill is important. 

After noticing the sentence's strong verbal and return communication skills I post this video.

Yes, I totally agree that most white-collar jobs and most IT companies, and bigger organizations expect their employees to have good communication skills in English.

Indians have many language options, and they learn and explore too many languages and that may be one of the barriers while speaking English. Normally Indians are good at writing and reading, And when it comes to speaking, yes the lag. This is because we have the knowledge but we don't speak.

In this video, I want to once again stress the importance of the English language, and just learning is not important, we should apply it in our day-to-day life. Thank you.

Add tags to your YouTube videos. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks. (Tamil)

In this video, I have explained the tags that we add while we upload YouTube videos.

We all know that metadata while uploading YouTube descriptions plays a vital role in the User experience. Viewers of our video normally can look into these metadata such as the title of the video, description of the video, and thumbnail but these viewers cannot see the tags which include 500 characters.

According to YouTube these tags, I mean the YouTube tags do not play a key role in video ranking but it helps to understand your video in a better way. When you misspell words in your video content, those words can be added as tags. This is all about the words you use in your video content and it should reflect on your tags.

One more important thing is that, you should not add, stuff tags in your YouTube video description box, Remember the description box is only to describe what you have conveyed in your YouTube video and it is not a Keyword stuffing place.

In summary, I want to convey to you that whenever you add tags, you just include words that you use in your video content and particularly use the word that you may find that you have misspelled a few words and this helps YouTube, to better understand the content that you present in your videos.