Add tags to your YouTube videos. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks. (Tamil)

In this video, I have explained the tags that we add while we upload YouTube videos.

We all know that metadata while uploading YouTube descriptions plays a vital role in the User experience. Viewers of our video normally can look into these metadata such as the title of the video, description of the video, and thumbnail but these viewers cannot see the tags which include 500 characters.

According to YouTube these tags, I mean the YouTube tags do not play a key role in video ranking but it helps to understand your video in a better way. When you misspell words in your video content, those words can be added as tags. This is all about the words you use in your video content and it should reflect on your tags.

One more important thing is that, you should not add, stuff tags in your YouTube video description box, Remember the description box is only to describe what you have conveyed in your YouTube video and it is not a Keyword stuffing place.

In summary, I want to convey to you that whenever you add tags, you just include words that you use in your video content and particularly use the word that you may find that you have misspelled a few words and this helps YouTube, to better understand the content that you present in your videos.