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 We are a search engine.

Have you come across this website? Entire Web 
I do.


 It's interesting to this website as a search engine. Because I see this website as a directory for a long time.
Can you try the above website and give your feedback on whether it acts as a good search engine or not for me it is looking like a better search engine but I do not know how others feel about it. 

The entire web is a Sweden-based company. The entire web offer lot of promotional set up for business and they have advertising options like link advertising keyword advertising directory listing etc. but I prefer and feel that keyword advertising looks cost-effective when compared to Google advertising as we do not need to pay them for every click again and again.

Check Entire Web . We are a search engine.

How to remove a link that wrongly represents me?

 How to remove a link that wrongly represents me?

1. Contact the link owner to update or delete the link.

2. Ask the platform where you witnessed the link.

Example: If you have come across the link in Google, then report it to google.

3. Surely you have options to remove a link that have the wrong information. But sometimes it may take some time. Also, you can consider publishing a few posts with accurate information.

Check this:


100 Backlinks. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks. Tamil

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Introduction about me. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks. (English)

Introduction about me:  

I am Sasikumar. Up to 12th standard, I studied at Walter Scudder higher secondary school in Tindivanam, Vizhuupuram district. I completed my bachelor's degree In computer science engineering at St Joseph's College of Engineering, Chennai and I completed my master's degree In computer science engineering at  Arunai Engineering College, Thiruvannamalai.   

I have more than 10 years of experience In digital marketing. I start working on digital marketing platforms since 2008.  I have worked in so many companies and to list out a few, I worked in Securenext software private limited, Kapp software private limited, Radiant Dental Care, B&A Digitactical, 8k Miles software, and so on.  

My skills include digital marketing, social media optimization, Content writing, blog, AdSense, and so on.  The YouTube channel that covers digital marketing and SEO In  Tamil. Thanks for your support.

Shorts Marketing. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

Youtube shorts, Instagram, and Facebook reels are short videos, and social media users welcome short videos just these videos are short and never boring.

I will give two challenges. One, speak for 15 seconds and you should bore me. Two, speak for 1 hour, but you should not bore me. Both are not possible in reality. Shorts are always sweet.

I take my Youtube account as an example. My short videos are getting more views that my lengthy videos. Youtube company allocated a huge amount to involve more content creators. 

Shorts Marketing: As shorts gets easy attention and get more views, the shorts marketing strategy definitely will help in creating brand awareness directly and indirectly. Recently I could see Shorts content creators quick build subscribers which might be challenging with lengthy video uploads. Thank you Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

Adsense Unknown. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks. (Tamil)

Many people believe that Adsense approval is very difficult but that is not the case actually Adsense approval is based on traffic or the number of visitors you get for your website.

Whether you may have thin content, copied content, user-generated content, auto-generated content, or scraped content, I have only one question for you, do you have traffic for your website, do you have a considerable amount of visitors for your website and that is the secret and at the same time I want to convey you that original content only will help you in the long term success and Adsense earnings.

It is not a good idea to buy an Adsense account from others just because the Adsense team reviews your website even if you have an existing Adsense account. There are other Adsense alternatives like media net, adsterra, info links, etc. but Adsense is a trusted Google product and the earnings are 5 times better compared to other alternatives.

My Adsense Diary. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

 My Adsense Diary: I am sharing my AdSense experience. I started my Adsense in 2009. It took 1 year to reach 100USD. Adsense is an unsteady income. Adsense is also risky for people who do it without a business infrastructure. 

I had my Adsense workouts while working in companies. Adsense must be part-time for new bloggers. I have a couple of AdSense accounts. Once I had 60 domains for Adsense purposes. Webmaster and Analytics are the basic tools for Adsense and promo works. Thank you from search analyst Sasikumar.

Adsense fill our wallets in one month and may not have mercy on our empty wallet in the next month. Thus it is an unsteady income for many casual bloggers. But, if you blog professionally with good planning, research, and infrastructure, the income might be good and steady. 

All the best from Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.