Adsense Unknown. Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks. (Tamil)

Many people believe that Adsense approval is very difficult but that is not the case actually Adsense approval is based on traffic or the number of visitors you get for your website.

Whether you may have thin content, copied content, user-generated content, auto-generated content, or scraped content, I have only one question for you, do you have traffic for your website, do you have a considerable amount of visitors for your website and that is the secret and at the same time I want to convey you that original content only will help you in the long term success and Adsense earnings.

It is not a good idea to buy an Adsense account from others just because the Adsense team reviews your website even if you have an existing Adsense account. There are other Adsense alternatives like media net, adsterra, info links, etc. but Adsense is a trusted Google product and the earnings are 5 times better compared to other alternatives.