What is Sentiment Analysis? Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks (Tamil)

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Sentiment analysis is nothing but analyzing the marketing data which eventually helps us to understand how the customers or the consumers feel about the organization or the business. Sentimentally how the customers are connected to the business can be analyzed and it can be called sentiment analysis. 

Whether the customers feel about the business or the product positively or negatively or neutrally should be analyzed and it is considered an important factor when it comes to business and customer relationships.

When you understand the customer's emotional connection with the product or the services, the business can fine-tune the business approach toward success.

Sentiment analysis is a kind of natural language processing and mostly it analyses the textual data. While doing sentimental analysis, the marketing data might be a review, social media, online, comments, or news data, which ultimately helps business owners better understand their customers. I personally feel that sentiment analysis will directly or indirectly help in online reputation.