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Our 10 Weakness well Monetized. Search Analyst Sasikumar talks

Our 10 Weakness well Monetized. Search Analyst Sasikumar talks

We human beings have some weaknesses and some businesses and marketers use our weaknesses and monetize our weaknesses.

Whenever we see celebrities and cricketers in the TV advertisement and the product they endorse we tend to believe them, we trust them, but these stars are actually advertising but not giving their personal opinion. they are acting in the advertisement just like how they act in the movies etc. So don't believe them and buy the products they endorse. Apply your own discretion. 

Some people believe that foreigners and companies involved in foreign investment are good companies but that is not correct in all cases. 

Some people believe in the word "free". sometimes the word "free" is the most dangerous word in the marketing world. Don't believe in freebies nothing will come free until you do the work for it and until you pay for it. 

When I watch a video I saw that one person sold brass as iridium but that is not actually Iridium. in this case, people need general awareness. And some companies and marketers feel proud when we spend and encourage our spending to sell their products and goods. 

Some businesses initially offer products with less or no price but slowly introduce and inject heavy prices that we won't recognize soon. 

Some financial Agencies say that they will give good and mind-blowing returns if we invest in their company but all these things should be done after personal analysis and research on the company while we invest. People tend to invest just because their neighbors invest, just because their friends invest, but that is not the correct way. 

In so many ways business use people's weakness and convert them into money example credit card gives an addiction for people to spend money that they really don't own but credit card companies later put heavy charges for late payment and so many other charges and collapse people's life. so dear people mind your weakness and be aware of these companies and marketers who want to monetize your weakness.


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