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The World searched how to help more than ever

 The World searched how to help more than ever

The world shrunk has with technology and with information available at fingertips we live in a world that is connected. Internet is the friend and guide that we look for answers. 

2020 was an unprecedented year, uncertainty, helplessness, and fear gripped the whole world. People were looking for answers and information on various things. Google released the 2020 edition of its annually “Year in search” which lists the most popular words and topics searched around the world in its search engine in the 12 months of 2020. 

While looking at the words the searches reveal the anxiety and fear people had in the year 2020. This lists down the most popular voice related and word searches in the year 2020. 

In 2020, Covid-19 related searches was in the forefront and one of the most searched words on this was “Why is it called Covid-19?”. “Why” was also the most searched word along with Covid-19. 

Interestingly another word that shared the stage along with “Why is it called Covid-19?” and “why” is the word “help” and “how to help” more than ever. Google trends. “Insomnia” was also searched more in 2020 due to the uncertainty and fear that the pandemic created among all. 

In addition, the pandemic brought out the best in some people. The efforts of the doctors, front line workers, the service providers during the time when most of us stayed home was acknowledged by people across the world. 

The words “how to help” was also searched, followed by drivers, doctors, nurses, healthcare providers etc. They wanted to thank and show their gratitude by helping them in their own way. These were the people who worked tirelessly during the pandemic, they put others welfare before theirs. People wanted to show their gratitude to these tireless warriors and appreciate their efforts. So, they searched for the related words. They also wanted to help small and medium business owners who were affected during the pandemic due to the lockdown.

High search trends also include "how to volunteer," "how to help the community," "how to help the elderly," and "food donation." The world did not lose its compassion during the stressful time caused by the pandemic. Searches for “how to help” was higher than ever, the world was wanting to help the workers, Beirut, the Australia fires, Black lives matter etc among the top searches. 

While the pandemic took a lot of lives, calamities destroyed houses, wildlife suffered, nature perished etc. Some humans displayed their worst side while a lot more empathised, understood, stood for a cause, and helped each other in the true spirit of humanity.

Google showed us the mood and thoughts of the people around the world in 2020. The search data published showed that people care for each other and wanted to do their bit to help others. It showed the resilience and the strength of humanity.  

Here are Google’s Top 10 trending searches:

  1. Election results

  2. Coronavirus

  3. Kobe Bryant

  4. Coronavirus update

  5. Coronavirus symptoms

  6. Zoom

  7. Who is winning the election

  8. Naya Rivera

  9. Chadwick Boseman

  10. PlayStation 5

Here are Google’s Top 10 news searches:

  1. Coronavirus

  2. Election results

  3. Iran

  4. Beirut

  5. Hantavirus

  6. Stimulus checks

  7. Unemployment

  8. Tesla stock

  9. Bihar election result

  10. Black Lives Matter

Here are Google’s Top 10 TV shows searched:

  1. Tiger King

  2. Big Brother Brasil

  3. Money Heist

  4. Cobra Kai

  5. The Umbrella Academy

  6. Emily in Paris

  7. Ozark

  8. The Queen’s Gambit

  9. Outer Banks

  10. Locke & Key




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