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Sasikumar Talks: Table of SEO Contents.

   Sasikumar Talks: Table of SEO Contents. SEO/DM Videos. All in One Playlist. Search Engine Optimization. 1.  The Title is significant for a web page.(Tamil) 2.  Meta description for Webpage. (Tamil)SEO 3.  Tags and Attributes. Doctype. Lang. Charset. Viewport. 4.  What is Canonical Link Element? 5.  What is structured data? Schema Markup (Tamil) 6.  What is Content Marketing? (Tamil) 7.  SEO Audit.  Tamil 8.  Write Original Content and Avoid Misinformation. Tamil. 9.  Authorship Markup. rel="author". (Tamil) 10.  URL structure. SEO Practice. (Tamil) 11.  How does Search work? (English). SEO 12.  100 Backlinks. Samples & Examples. SEO. Tamil 12.  Google Tag Manager. SEO Tamil. 13.  SEO tools website. Uses of SEO Tool. Tamil. 14.  Search Versus Social Traffic. SEO. (Tamil) 15.  SEO.SEM.SMO. Interview Questions.  Tamil Search Engine Marketing. SEM 1.  Digital Advertising. Google ads. SEM. Tamil   Search Media Optimization. SMO. 1.  SMO. Social Media Optimization. Sasikumar

Top 10 Most Liked 10 Youtube Video links from Sasikumar Talks

   Top  10 Most Liked 10 Youtube Video links from Sasikumar Talks 1. Retail Marketing 2. Green Marketing. 3.Integrated Marketing 4. HubSpot Inbound Methodology 5. Social Media: Buffer and Hootsuite. SMO Tools. 6. Content Writing. SEO Contents. 7. 500 Uploads. 1000 Subscribers. 2 Lakh Views. 8. Personal Branding. 9. What is Sentiment Analysis? 10. Wikipedia

500 Uploads. 1000 Subscribers. 2 Lakh Views. Special Thanks. Sasikumar Talks. Tamil.

  Video Analytics & My 6 Months Effort: Data Review. =========================================== 6 Months Effort. 500+ Uploads. 1000+ Subscribers. 400+ Videos. 100+ Shorts. 2 Lakhs Views. 1 Lakh Spent. 100+ Post Engagement. 20+ Enquiries (Training + Projects) Watch Hours: 2000 hours approx.  Top Pick: Retail Marketing. 1500 Likes approximately. 150+ Comments Added. 1000+ Shares. Live: Nil Feedback: Positive. Dislikes: Few First Upload: 27-May-2022 Lesson: It's too late. Should've started earlier. Benefit: Improved my Knowledge. Career: Improves Interview success rate by 20% Recommend others to start a channel: Yes, but... Physical Tools: Smartphone, Mobile Holder Tripod stand, Mic, Laptop Software: Photoshop for Thumbnail. Thanks.

Hubspot Inbound Certification

 Hubspot Inbound Certification is based on these topics. 1. Inbound Methodology 2. Jobs Theory 3. Flywheel 4, Buyer's Persona. 5. Customer’s buying journey 60 Questions were asked. Re-attempts are available with12-hours gap. A lot of time. 2+ hours to finish. Not much difficult. If you're a great fan of HubSpot. Hubby recommends this. Make sure all hreflang links contain a valid language code Make sure all page resources, such as images and CSS stylesheets, load Reduce page layout shifts Don't use unsupported browser plugins Address pages with duplicate title tags Confirm the correct pages are hidden from search results Address pages with duplicate content Reduce the size of page network requests Use correctly sized images Increase word count Make sure your canonical links are configured correctly Make sure all pages load over a secure connection Make sure all hreflang links use a full URL Add title Shorten title Make your link anchor text more descriptive Make your link an

Amazon sites. Adaengappa!!!

  Amazon sites. Adaengappa!!! list still growing... Show less