Are you shooting Youtube video via ordinary phone? 3 tips. (Tamil) Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

 Are you shooting Youtube video via ordinary phone? 3 tips. (Tamil) Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

Many budget YouTubers use ordinary cameras inbuilt into the phone. This camera might not be a high-end camera. For them, I have 3 tips. Check your internet connection. The connection should be strong to have better shooting. Next, check your phone's charge. Last, do not keep a long distance from the phone camera as it might affect video/audio quality. Regards, Sasikumar.

Yes, you can shoot YouTube videos using an ordinary smartphone. Many smartphones today have high-quality cameras that are capable of capturing video footage that is suitable for YouTube. The quality of the video will depend on the specific model and make of your smartphone, as well as the lighting conditions and other factors.

There are a few things to consider when shooting YouTube videos with a smartphone:

Lighting: Make sure that the area you are shooting in is well-lit, as this will help to ensure that the video footage is of high quality.

Stabilization: Holding the phone steady while shooting can be a challenge, consider using a tripod or a stabilizer to keep the phone steady.

Audio: Sound quality is an important part of any video, make sure you have a good microphone or use the one built-in to the phone.

Editing: Most smartphones come with a built-in video editing software or you can download one from the app store. Use it to edit your video, add text, music, and other effects to make your video more engaging.

File format and resolution: Check the format and resolution of your video before uploading it to YouTube, YouTube prefers videos in MP4 format with H.264 codec and a resolution of 1080p or higher.

Overall, shooting YouTube videos with a smartphone is a great way to create high-quality videos without the need for expensive equipment. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your videos are of high quality and engaging for your audience.