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Why don't you accept Youtube SEO truths? Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks.

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This video helps to promote your YouTube videos, and I prepared for two days to make this video. I am very excited about how you people watch and interact with the video. I don't know how I can fully utilize the video description for which YouTube generously allocated description space for 5000 character limit.

I am trying every day to make interesting and helpful stuff, particularly for the digital marketing specialist and search engine marketing specialist.

YouTube SEO concept is itself an ocean; many things or involved in it, and even the experienced person will find it hard to cover all the relevant tips, ideas, tricks, and guidance.

Nowadays, I get the habit of singing a small part of Tamil songs before the introduction part of the video. I hope this will give some insights while we listen to the video, and then if possible, you share your comments about it.

YouTube, and in this video, I have covered how people should submit their videos on YouTube and what things they have to keep in mind. At the same time, they offer their videos to the YouTube public, particularly the title, the description, the video content recording date, video language, creating playlists putting info cards, and end screen.

I hope this video will benefit people who work for YouTube marketing and has a specialist. If you have ideas about YouTube marketing, share those details with the public. Sometimes people fail to put the info cards and end screen, which is also a mistake. And people also sometimes forget about putting keywords after keyboard research. Many people put repetitive keywords for every video, and they miss the tags that youtube generously gives us with 500 character limit.

I'm trying to cover the entire 5000-character limit in this video. But anyway, I try my best to fill up the 5000 character limit because I have said about it.

Also, the score for a video is based on how people interact with your video in terms of likes, dislikes, shares download clips, subscribers people sometimes watch your video later, and there are so many signals that YouTube can get from the users to analyze the importance of the video.

YouTube has a language processing system that most of us don't speak about. Still, Google can understand most spoken languages worldwide and the most recognized ones worldwide. Still, sometimes Google is only good at understanding English, and it has to go a long way to understand languages other than English.

By the time I came across this paragraph, I had covered around 2500+words  and had to complete 2500 words, but somehow, I managed to give important stuff instead of just filling up this description box.

One of the most important attitudes that YouTubers and the top successful YouTubers have is their commitment to the work they respect for their audience. They want to entertain and educate, which makes them successful in their YouTube career as YouTubers.



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